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        Miles & More Credit Card
        Your Miles & More Credit Card comes with the following benefits:
         Add power to your miles:
        Earn award miles for every payment on your card. These award miles will automatically be transferred to your Miles & More account every month. 
         Welcome bonus:
        Welcome bonus, of 3,000 award miles for Miles & More Preferred Cards and of 6,000 award miles for Miles & More Premium Cards, after first transaction on the card. 
        No mileage expiration
        With the Miles & More Credit Card, your unused award miles will not expire provided you make a purchase at least once a month with the Miles & More credit card (that is not returned or refunded) and have held the Miles & More Credit Card for at least 3 months. If one of the conditions is not met, the mileage expiration is reactivated and the miles will expire again according to the Miles & More terms and conditions. For further information please click here.
        ■ Waived annual fee for Miles & More status members:
        Frequent Travelers will be entitled to waive the first year annual fee on the Miles & More Credit Card. This offer is limited to first time applicants. Miles & More Senators and HON Circle Members are entitled to waive the first annual fee for their Miles & More Credit Card; renewal fees will be levied based on the Miles & More status at the time of renewal.
         Lounging in style:
        Get free access to the Huaxia Bank VIP airport lounges up to 4 times per year.
         Other Benefits
        Earning with the Miles & More Credit Card
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        Agreement for Collection and Use of Huaxia Credit Card (Personal Card)
        Choose between the Miles & More Preferred Cards or Miles & More Premium Cards
        Frequently asked questions
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